Export Demand vs Exhibitions

Export Demand versus Exhibitions


Many industrial manufacturers are choosing Export Demand as a viable cost effective and more importantly result focused alternative to international exhibitions.

The past twelve months have seen a huge shift in how companies working in the field of industrial technology can market their machinery and connect with new customers. In October 2020 it was reported that the value of the global exhibition market experienced a 70% slump in response to restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19.*

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly damaged the exhibition and trade fair market in the short term, and it is difficult to fully quantify the effect that the pandemic will have on this sector in the years to come.

Many exhibitions are finally realising a deeper more in depth and targeted approach to finding and building customer relationships will be needed in the years to come. However, there is another option for companies looking to generate sales in new markets around the globe.

In this article, we will explore Six Reasons why Export Demand is possibly a better option for modern companies than traditional offline exhibitions.

Why Export Demand is possibly a better option for your company

With total exhibition costs including travel and hotel expenses averaging between €15,000 Euros and in excess of €80,000 Euros for one week, exhibitions can be a hugely costly exercise that guarantees no return on investment.

Export Demand’s goal is to create turnover for your business and we are committed to delivering client satisfaction.

The benefits of working with an intermediary like Export Demand are clear when one considers the drawbacks of exhibiting at trade fairs:

1. Leave nothing to chance

Success at exhibitions hinges entirely on the hope that the event will achieve a good turn-out throughout the short period of the exhibition (usually around two to three days).

In contrast, the Project offered by Export Demand is an intensive twelve-month operation in which your company will be marketed directly to relevant partners.

2. Benefit from a customised service

Sales and viable leads are not guaranteed at trade shows as success will depend largely upon whether the right clients turn up on the day of the event.

Export Demand has networks and contacts around the globe ready to offer a tailor-made service to your company.

The staff at Export Demand work with each client on a weekly basis over 52 weeks to build new business and to nurture vital relationships with technical local partners.

3. Involve all key decision makers

Only the small number of employees in attendance will be able to contribute to conversations with potential partners.

When you work with Export Demand you can involve all relevant members of staff in negotiations from the beginning to the end of the process.

4. Stand out from the crowd

Many companies struggle to differentiate themselves from the hundreds of other organisations looking to make an impression on potential buyers at trade fairs.

The secret of our success is to work with one manufacturer per area, meaning that you can effectively sidestep the competition.

5. Avoid lengthy qualification processes

We take ownership of the qualification process and ensure the contacts match the established criteria and have a definite commercial interest.

6. Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Working with a company like Export Demand with an existing network of global contacts eliminates the need for frequent air travel which will contribute to a lower carbon footprint overall for your company.

At Export Demand we believe that, even after COVID-19, bespoke projects like the one offered by us will remain a key way for industrial tech firms to cut back on the costs of attending exhibitions and reducing their carbon footprints while, at the same time, ensuring that they continue to access the right platform in order to gain new partners and increase sales.

Get in touch with Export Demand today to start an exciting new phase of revenue generation for your company.

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Global exhibitions market value nosedives 70% due to Covid-19