The Project

12 Months Sustained Business Development Activity to Identify Key Buyers and Local Partners

Our goal is to build new sales channels, find strong local partners, new customers and buyers, to identify projects, and most importantly to increase your customer base throughout Global Export markets such as Russia, East Europe, China and Asia. The Export Demand Project has achieved proven success and has been successfully winning orders for our clients over 23 years.
How does the project work?

The Project works by identifying projects and key buyers and most importantly by increasing your turnover and customers base throughout East Europe, Russia, CIS, Asia and China.

This is a highly targeted approach working locally with industry specific staff employed within our Local Offices across East Europe, Russia, CIS, Asia and China, identifying either End-Users, OEMs, Technical Partners and Distributors.


  • Increase of turnover in your chosen Export Market
  • Comprehensive 12-month support from our Local Offices
  • Customer education for your technology
  • Increase existing market share in Russia, Eastern Europe, China or Asia
  • A Technical Product Movie on the desks of customers and partners that need your technology
  • Qualified enquiries on a bi-monthly basis
  • Industry Specific Teams will work locally to build business
Will the enquiries be qualified?

How often do we spend pursuing an enquiry or tender and in some cases months later to discover a lack of viable funding to ensure the project gets the green light.

At Export Demand we have over thirty years of Business Development at industry and Government level.

Before any enquiry is placed on your desk specific questions must be asked to ascertain whether the buyer has a definite COMMERCIAL interest in your technology. Our staff are highly skilled at qualification and all enquiries generated will have a definite commercial interest in your technology or solutions.

Can you tell me how the project will benefit my business?


  1. The Project will develop business for you from your chosen Export Markets
  2. The Project will educate all Key Buyers about your technology. Without understanding your technology they are not in the position to purchase.
  3. The Project will help to identify all local partners that have expertise to represent you on the ground in Eastern Europe, Russia, China or Asia
  4. The Project will enable you to increase your existing market share in your chosen Export Markets.
  5. Because the Export Demand Portal is the largest website in the world for business development in Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia every customer looking for your technology will find your company on our website, which will then be linked to your own website.
  6. The Export Demand Project will make sure that every customer across Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia or China who needs or can make use of your products has your Technical Movie on their desk.
  7. All enquiries that we send to you are qualified, this means that if we send you a contact, it should have a definite commercial interest in your products, we will eliminate time wasters.
What is the duration of the Project?

The Project duration is a complete 12 months of sustained business generating activity. We work locally on the ground at factory level.

Are my products too specialized for this type of Project?

Our clients are manufacturers around the world producing highly specialized and niche technology and solutions. Our staff are industry specific and have specialist knowledge in the niche sectors.

Before we begin generating demand and building turnover, you will have a welcome call from the Head of Research in the your chosen Export Market. This Head of Research will be specifically chosen for his or her knowledge in your niche sector.

They will evaluate criteria you have established within the Export Demand Technical Questionnaire and will be able to talk with considerable expertise on how to build your turnover in the niche export markets.

We are already established in these regions, how can you help us?

The fact that you are already established or may have already built an infrastructure in these countries is good news.
Our local offices will work on the ground with either your local subsidiary or your local partners. We will feed them with a continuous stream of qualified demand and they will be in a perfect position to finalize the enquiries we are generating.

Our clients feel that in this way they themselves provide support to the local office or local partner, this support guarantees results and leave nothing to chance. Isn't it better to be proactive rather than adopt the wait and see approach?

Our approach is Maximum Growth Optimum Efficiency