China interested in Ukrainian beef market

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March 4, 2020

China interested in Ukrainian beef market

China is interested in opening beef exports from Ukraine and they have signed a protocol of veterinary requirements.

“The signing of the Protocol of the veterinary requirements for export means that China recognizes our state safety inspection system for beef production in the corresponding Chinese. But to begin exporting, Ukrainian producers should be included in the register of authorized providers. This occurs as a result of additional checks from China,” — said the Director of the Council for food exports (UFEB) Bogdan Shapoval

China suspended on March 20 the supplies of meat products from Brazil. This action has made after the Brazilian Federal Police found that the meat companies of the country had committed violations of sanitary norms and bribed officials in order to obtain permits for the sale and export of spoiled products.

The Ukrainian agency Volodymyr Lapa after visiting China in June this year he discussed about a number of issues about the protocol and signed.

The Ukrainian agency and representatives of AQSIQ are engaged in the process of approval of phytosanitary and inspection requirements for exports of some types of Ukrainian farm produce in China.

These are, through other things, sunflower meal, beet pulp, dairy foods, poultry, eggs, honey, and other products.

Olga Trofimtseva the Deputy of the Minister of the Agrarian Policy said that the trade flow between Ukraine and China in the agricultural market rise more than billions of dollars last year. She said also that this market will bring new possibilities for the Ukrainian exporters.